Blue Soldiers
Wicked Blue of Drax
Additional Info

Blue Soldiers is an archetype that has the attribute of WIND, divised in several types, they have basically Higest ATK values with Lower level(s) and the total DEF of 0, however, that comes with disadvantages depend on the level of the monster itself, their common cost is Hand Destruction, with the exception of XYZ and Super Power, Fusion, Pendulum, and Synchro Monsters have the lowest Levels, (The Blue Giant Goblin is also excepted), these Monsters also come with disadvantages to cut their power off to keep them balanced as well, XYZ monsters require 2 or More Monsters with the same level and name.

Playing Style:

This archetype takes an advantage from  Cards those give WIND monsters advantages, such as Bladefly, Flying Kamakiri 1, Green ArbaDuck, Harpie Lady 1, Pilica Descendant of Gusto, Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds,  Rising Air Current, Gust Fan, and other cards those give the advantages to Wind Monsters.

When a Monster attacks, the controller or that card must send 1 card from hand to the graveyard to perform the attack, however, it won't attack, pendulum cards can help this archetype as well, to make summoning process faster than ever, Double Summon helps summoning these monsters in the same turn.


These monsters cannot attack without destroying a  card in hand, plus when their ATK, and DEF value are reversed, the player's life points are exposed to critical battle damages, especially when a Blue soldier attacked in defense position by a Monster that has a pierce effect, also Cards those Slow WIND monsters down can kill the entire deck.

Other Support:

This archetype can also help Heraldic Beast with several Monsters those need to be in graveyard to actiave their effects.

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