Evolute Monster

Evolute Monster is a Monster card type colored Dark Red and stored in the extra deck, their first frame was looking like Xyz's except the stars were yellow and red, then the frame was changed to a Pendulum's like , except it is entirely colored in red and it doesn't have PScales, it has halved counters values instead, After that, it's gone back to its original frame keeping the orb.

Instead of Levels and Ranks, Evolute Monster cards have Stages, a yellow orb placed in top center of the card, combined between one or more materials used to Summon An Evolute Monster.


The concept of Evolute Monster is based on an evolution of a specific monster as a main Material , adding another material depends on the current level that the monster has, this evolution will have the monster Gain 500 ATK and DEF ,(This Rule Doesn't Have to Apply on all Monsters) if it was a Normal Monster, it gains a new effect, and if it was an Effect Monster, its effect will get more powerful than its actual one, Summoning procedures must be done on the field, SP Monsters cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard, due to their effects, basically their effects cannot be negated by any other card, unless they have 2 SPC or lower, or Skill Drain/Chehine's Wicked Guardian/Warda Quasar Girl of Fiber vine is active or they get targeted by Effect Veiler, Evolute Monsters cannot be used for Xyz Summon, Synchro Summon, or Ritual Summon, but they can be used for Fusion Summon, just like Xyz, they are unaffected by cards like Gravity Bind, Burden of the Mighty, and Level Limit Area B as they do not have levels. They Are Not Synchro or Fusion Monsters, because in some cases, they require only one Monster.


Sp Monsters place EC counters after being summoned, they often use it to gain their effects, they can also gain EC counters from discarding spell cards from hand, or converting Spell Counters from Cards those have these counters and placed into SP monsters to SP counters.


  • Just because they had the same frame of pendulum monsters, Evolute Monster were often mistaken for pendulums.
  • Their counters are also mistaken for Speed World 2's, as they have the same Counters' shortened forms.

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