Lost Cards
Chaud is dominated by Barola
Some attributes
Origin Lost heaven
Rarity Ultimate Rare
First Appearance Not yet

Lost cards are Group of cards those cannot be obtained by anyone else, similar to Numbers, they play a major roles in BX comic series, Beyond their monster card's powers, they often appear from their  cards by themselves, especially when a human crawls to them deperate for power, they take control of their weak preys, they erase their memories turning them into marionettes, they bet on their slave through duel, if they win, their slave and their opponent will belong to them forever, if they lose, they will be obtained by the winner and the slave gets his/her freedom.

Lost Cards often live in "Lost Heaven", where all the lost cards are siutated there waiting to manipulate someone or to get obtained by winners, there's no specific mark of these cards.

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