Prism is a Monster Card Type made by Bat Med, in which introduces a new Summon Method to the game, Unlike The Other Card Types, it has a different Summoning Procedure, they have Levels, just like Synchro, Fusion, and other Monster Card Types, However, it is a Rainbow of Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue, Cyan, and Light Green.


To Summon a Prism Monster, You Need a Cryplify Monster Equipped to The Material, During The End Phase, an Equipped Monster Must be sent to The Graveyard along with the Cryplify Monster to Prism Summon, Unlike Synchro, A Prism Summon must use Multiple factor in which you can Special Summon a Prism Monster (eg Level 2 Cryplify Monster + Level 5 Non-Cryplify Monster resutls to a Level 10 Prism Monster)


Cards Like Skill Drain, Warda Quasar Girl of Fiber vine... can block the Summon of these Monsters because Cryplify Monsters need their effects to perform the Summon.

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