Duel Spirits are a series of high level Hybrid Monsters, featured in spirit riders. These legendary spirits play a part in the legend of the guardians as well as being connected to the sages themselves. That legend being that these are the very spirits that kept the natural order in the world.


Spirit Sage Level Attribute Type ATK DEF
Haos,   the Hybrid Beast of Light Kazuma Ryu 8 Light Dragon
Subterra, the Hybrid Beast of Gaia Riku Branford 7 Earth Beast
Aquos, the Hybrid Beast of Aqua Mizuko Ako 8 Water Sea-serpant
Pyrus, the blazing Hybrid Beast Rei Hino 8 Fire Winged-Beast
Ventus, the Hybrid Beast of storms Arashi yagami 7 Wind Winged-Beast
Darkus, the Hybrid Beast of Shadows Tsukasa Ryu 8 Dark Dragon


playing style

There are various kinds of playing styles for each duel spirit, especially. All of the spirits have no specific Summoning Conditions and are easily Summoned onto the Playing Field. Thus they can be used in almost any Extra Deck.

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