Evil Vine
Kataria (The Boss Monster), Kataria, Tower Girl of Evil Vine, Taylor, Prince of Evil vines, Corrupted hyena of Evil Vine, Corrupted Maiden of Evil Vine, Sinister Girl, Algiedi,and Thorn Maniac.
Additional Info

'Evil Vine '(悪ヴァイン Aku vu~ain) or Previously "Demonic Plant" is a Sub-Archetype of Vine, Which it was Debuted on 10/1/2014, Since the Debut, they were merged with Fiber Vine, then they had their own Sub-Archetype, they are specialized in Swarming the field Quickly in order to Synchro Summon Stronger Monsters (1 XYZ Monster and 2 Fusion Monsters in rare cases)They Are DARK Monsters (with the exception of Corrupted Maiden of Evil Vine), they include Dragon, and Plant-type Monsters, unlike Fiber Vine and Magnificent Vine, they Have Fiend and Aqua-Type Monsters rather than Fairy and Beast-Type Monsters, (except Mother Eater Worm of Evil Vine, which is basically off-Archetype because its effect involves Beast-Type Monsters only) .



Some Monsters were made from Scratch, and some were made from Fiber Vine, also, a Minority of Monsters were made after other Monsters, including Duel Terminal Cards. However, some cards those do NOT resemble these cards, but they have effects those can be exactly Similar to Them.

Evil Vine Counterpart Original Monster Card
Kataria, Queen of Evil Vines Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine
Kataria, Tower Girl of Evil Vine Apoqliphort Towers
Taylor, Prince of Evil vines None
Kantari, Night King Coyote of Evil Vine None
Corrupted Maiden of Evil Vine Man-Eater Dark Maiden of Fiber Vine
Chaos Barola of Evil Vine Barola, Vampire Lady of Fiber Vine
Mother Eater Worm of Evil Vine None
Dragon Of Evil Vines None
Binding Snake Clausolas of Evil Vine Mist Bird Clausolas
Randi Unicore of Evil Vines

The Fabled Unicore

Man-Eater Dark Maiden of Fiber Vine

Vishwar Randi

Kataria, Queen of Evil Vines

Sinister Girl of Evil Vine Water Girl
Poisonous Frog of Evil Vine Des Frog
Berserk Algiedi of Evil Vine Constellar Algiedi
Sickness Plant Lizard Of Evil vine None
Gigigty Gurl of Evil Vine None
Bakuran, Lizard of Evil vine none
Mosquito elephant Of Evil Vine None
Corrupted hyena of Evil Vine None
Ugly Mech Skull Cat of Evil Vine None
Thorn Maniac of Evil Vine Elemental HERO Knospe
Chaos Coat None
Glimlo of Evil Vine Fabled Grimro
Gigatic Frog of Evil Vine D.3.S. Frog
Hikari, Malicious Maiden of Evil Vine Barola, Vampire Lady of Fiber Vine
Disk hyena of Evil Vine Qliphort Disk

Playing Style:

This Sub-archetype has the ability of pop so many Monsters in a SIngle Turn, either by their own effects, or with manipulation of Summoner Monk, Goblindbergh, cards like Mystic Tomato, The Dark Creator, they also gain more benefits of The Gates of Dark World, Winged Goat, Archfiend Empress, Junk Synchron,Puppet Master..., they also can create Good combos to summon Number 96: Dark Mist, Dark Necrofear, or even Dark Armed Dragon.


Even though they are Able to Swarm the Field, Cards like Skill Drain, Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror, Warda Quasar Girl of Fiber vine, Pendulum Over Limit Field, or Pendulum Space can slow them down on the Field or the Graveyard, since they Have to Many Special Summoned Monsters, especially from the Extra deck, Archetypes like Shadoll, or Nekroz can surpass them.

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