Fiber Vine
Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine
Additional Info

Fiber Vine is an Earth Sub-artchetype which is built on destroying opponent's cards and ruining his/her combos.

Playing Style:

These Monsters rely on Mass special Summoning each other either from hand and deck, they often rely on Giant Rat for Special Summoning Earth Monnsters Lonefire Blossom to special summon, Plant-type monsters, Obedience Schooled for Beast-Type Monsters, Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragonfor Dragon-type Monsters , Lightsworn,Card Trooper, Naturia Beast, and Foolish Burial  for milling Fv monsters from your deck, they also rely on Monsters of their own Archetype, such as Kiwk Bora, Maiden of Fiber Vine, , Gigigty Gurl of Fiber Vine, Super Starred Ladybug of Fiber Vine, Number 97:Tartina, Queen of Magnificent Vine, Horrible Fiber Vine Fiend, and The Unfriendly Eye Balls Idol of Fiber Vine to mass Special summons, Add cards, gain ATk, and lowering your opponent's Monsters, these Monsters also use Multiple Summoning Methods, Including XYZ, Pendulum, Super Power, Fusion, Ritual,and Synchro, they often have 4 cards per each, except Super Power, Pendulum, and Rituals, they often get special Summoned using their own members as Materials, except Warda Quasar Girl of Fiber vine that can be Special Summoned using Rank-Up-Magic cards over XYZ monsters those have lower ranks then hers, The most used Tuner Monsters in this archetype are Kiwk Bora, Maiden of Fiber Vine, and Barola, Vampire Lady of Fiber Vine, They also rely on Gaia Power, Milus Radiant, however, Milus Radiant will affect Gust Vines Badly since they Are Wind, Milus Radiant itself goes its ATK decreased because of The Unfriendly Eye Balls Idol of Fiber Vine's effect Since it is not a Vine Monster, in addition to Blinder Guider#2, Binder is affected badly as well, for the same reason.

The Sanctuary in the Sky will play a Minor role to prevent damage involving Fairy-type Monsters, also, you can Special Summon Fairy-type Monsters using Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen.


Vine cannot be played versus, Lockdown decks in general, Skill Drain, Mind Drain, or Soul Drain, in which they will be prevented from being played properly


The popularity of these Monsters are Females, whether they are human shaped or not, few Males in this archetype, can be identified in the artworks of these monsters.


Card: Original Source or sub-original
Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine None
Stella, Princess of Fiber Vine

Foxxy Love


Chimera of Fiber Vine Naturia Beast
Horrible Fiber Vine Fiend None
Homerai, Bounty Hunting Hare of Fiber Vine Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousness
Fiber Vine Poisonous Frog Des Frog
The Unfriendly Eye Balls Idol of Fiber Vine None
Fiber Vine Tentacles Skull Jaguar/Assault Mode None
Barola, Vampire Lady of Fiber Vine None
Twin-Headed Beast of Fiber vine None
Takita,Poisonous Lady Monster of Fiber Vine


Rose Spectre of Dunn

Fiber VineTentacles Jaguar None
Kuribole Ball Demon of Fiber Vine Kuriboh
Barola, Winter Kattousa Riding Warrior Lady of Fiber Vine

Fiber VineTentacles Jaguar

Barola, Vampire Lady of Fiber Vine

Super Starred Ladybug of Fiber Vine 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
Man-Eater Dark Maiden of Fiber Vine None
Diabolic Dragon of Fiber Vine Evil HERO Malicious Edge
Kiwk Bora, Maiden of Fiber Vine Of Kiwa Bork Blonde Of Kiwa Bork
Warda Quasar Girl of Fiber vine

Shooting Quasar Dragon

Red Nova Dragon

Bantila, Wild Witch of Fiber Vine None
Pakita, Maiden of Fiber vine


The Great Fiber Vine Lady Monster Takita Takita,Poisonous Lady Monster of Fiber Vine

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