Welcome to the world of Yu-Gi-Oh : Tabletop Adventures.

Hey all its me Jaden Yuki I will be your host for the day, so i take it you want to come into my world ? Sweet ..but before we are ready to play the game we need the following things Now we cannot go without them. With that being said I cannot wait to Duel you it will be fun so "Get Your Game On "


As a Player, you’ll create a Duelist, who might choose to take a up a profession, or Class. Like the protagonists in the franchise’s games, manga or anime, Players will be the center of the game’s action.

A Game Master ( GM , DM )

One person must fill the special role of Game Master, or GM, who controls every non-Player duelist or monster. They must build adventures, narrate, control non-Player characters and monsters, referee and make judgement for any rules that are not perfectly clear.

Books and Dice

Players will need access to the Player’s Handbook and Bestiary. Players have restricted access to the monster manual and should avoid metagaming by only looking up a monster's ID entry when they’ve used a dice check to find out the details of a monster's lore.

there will be 2 guides here a monster manual and a roleplaying guidebook a DM/GM will need them both but players will only need the roleplaying one.

Always use a pencil when writing on your character sheets! Information listed in it are constantly changing !

The Game

The game is played in a world like we know today a modern or futuristic city. The people who Duel are known as Duelists compete for the title King or Queen of games or just Duel King or Queen for short. Duelists have various skills and abilities each defines the Duelist's goal. With that said the world is yours to explore.

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