Bond of Moe Rituals, featuring Moe Girl and Moe Magician
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Master of Elements  (要素のマスター) or abbreviated as "Moe" (モー) is an archetype of DARK Spellcaster-type monsters that focuses on Ritual Summoning, and Pendulum Ritual Monsters through different ways, they are basically an indirect support of Penduladies, even though that archetype is made against Pendulum Summoning, they also manipulate Attributes, Types and levels for Synchro and Xyz Summon.



Moe monsters' appearances are based of some classic monsters used by Yugi Muto, including Dark Magician , Dark Magician Girl, and Magician's Valkyria, and some old monsters to gain more benefits of them.

Moe Counterpart Original Monster
Moe Girl Dark Magician Girl
Moe Magician Girl Dark Magician Girl+Magician's Valkyria
Moe Grimoire Zgondaria None
Moe Magician Dark Magician
Moe Valkyiria Dark Witch
Moe Exterio Dexterio Girl Dark Magician Girl+T.G. Wonder Magician
Moe Ragin

Dark Magician+Fabled Ragin

Moe Magician of Clear Wing

Dark Magician +Clear Wing Synchro Dragon

Moe Dragon None
Moe Shinigami None
Moe Cutie Amour Cutie + Dark Magician Girl
Bond of Moe Rituals Bond Between Teacher and Student
Magical Geography of Moe Nekroz Mirror
Moe's Walls Penduladies' Scaling Torture
Moe's Attack The Final Zefrassault


The word Moe is an abbreviation of "Master of Elements", which is based on controlling Attributes, Levels, and Types, and it's not Moe slangs that is known in Japanese cultures or Moe, the character of the The Simpsons Sitcom.

Playing Style:

One of the most distinguishing styles of "Moe" is being able to be Ritual Summoned from Pendulum Zones or Extra Decks (besides hand) since they are Pendulum Ritual Monsters, also they can be a support for Dark Magician decks, or Spellcaster-type- based decks, also, it's recommended to use Djinn of Rituals to gain more field advantages and take control over the field, also Senju of the Thousand_Hands helps search Ritual Monsters, Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands can also search Ritual Monsters, or Spell Cards, Preparation of Rites searches low Level monsters and resurrects Ritual Spell cards, Contract with the Abyss, can Ritual Summon then since they are DARK monsters, also, Advanced Ritual Art can help mix this archetype, along with Normal Monsters to make an invincible deck using Pendulum Over Limit Field or Pendulum Space since they are Pendulum Ritual Monsters.


Without protection, "Moe" can be exposed to be destroyed by Penduladies, also since they are all DARK, Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror can lock them up.


  • Moe Girl is the only Ritual Monster that can be Special Summoned without a Ritual Spell card.
  • Contrary to the usually joking misconception of some players, the abbreviated name of this archetype "Moe" has no connection to Moe slangs that is known in Japanese cultures or Moe, the character of the The Simpsons Sitcom.
  • This is the First Archetype to Be Ritual Summoned from Pendulum Zones or Extra Deck.

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