Rain Force
RF-EN001 Rain Force - Destruction
Additional Info


Rain Force is an archetype which focuses on Pendulum Summoning Pendulum and Fusion Monsters, including themselves, they have 4 Pendulum Effect Monster, 2 Effect Monster and 2 Fusion Pendulum Monster Cards, along with one Xyz Monster. This is an archetype made by Messoras.

Rain Force are WATER Warrior-Type monsters, their Levels are 5, with the exception of non Pendulum Monsters and their Pendulum Scales are 4 and 6. You can download the newest card pack (10/06/2016) here: Rain Force Card Set



Rain Force Monsters are Warrior Girls concerning the rain as their strength. Their names are powerful events, sensual awarenesses, as in case of their Fusion Pendulum Monsters, or nominalized verbs for the Effect Monsters.

Playing Style:

The main focus of Rain Force monsters is Pendulum Summoning, each monster with its scale is not only to Pendulum Summon Pendulum Monsters and tributing other Rain Force monsters to give them enough Support to bypass your opponent's cards. They also trigger Recovery and Sustain Effects when they are sent to the Extra Deck as by being released. Viable Combos are for example bringing out Rain Force - Perception[1] or Rain Force - Imagination[2] using the Effect of Rain Force - Devastation and putting them into your Pendulum Zones using their own Effects or Rain Force - Manifestation[3] and swarming Rain Force monsters to Xyz Summon Rain Force - Procastrination[4] against High-Level decks.


Even though they have good quality of Swarming the field, they have big threat cards and decks those can lock these decks, such as Penduladies, Ally of Justice, Lswarm and especially Evilswarm Ophion that leaves you with chances of Special Summoning Level 4 or lower monsters only, Vanity's Emptiness can stop the Pendulum Summon of this archetype. Also cards like Macro Cosmos will take their chance to sustain multiple turns and bringing out their Fusion Combos.

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