Trivia: Amour Babe

  • This card's Counterparts are: Archfiend Babe and Die Hard Babe.
  • This card's Attribute was Fire, level 2, Def 1500 and ATK 0 SInce the first work, it had a different artwork depicting her in the same pose.
  • This is one of the fewest Fairy-Type Monsters whose Attacks are Bullets, bombs, explosions.... especially for LIGHT Fairies.
    • One of the fewest who cause real damage to opponent and bloody destruction to opponent's monsters, it was not clearly seen in episode 1, since the bullet has exploded on Fabled Grimro in defense position, as the destruction was blurred by explosion' smoke.
    • This is one of The monster who can literally speak, especially Suzy 's Monsters.

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