Trivia:Revived Brunette

  • This is the Zombie Version of Gun Brunette.
  • There's a Parasite Paracide in her head, this marks a reference to the Monster's original artwork, also, it gives a hint that Gun Brunette died being infected by that Monster, it also contraditcs the fact that Parasite's effect doesn't kill Monsters.
  • The Monster has a Kidney out of her body, it is refering to Organ theft.
  • One of The monster's arm was chopped, then it was sewed, it bears a resamblance to Uryuu Minene when she had her arm chopped, also one of her eyes is missing making a second reference to the same character, the other one was almost chopped, making another reference to Princess Clara when she had her arms chopped in The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!.

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