Yu gi oh oc tsukasa ryu by novadragon1000-d7fht93
Vital statistics
Position Spirit Hunter/Duelist
Age 19 (Start)
Status Sage of Darkness
Physical attributes
Height TBA
Weight TBA

Tsukasa Ryu is a character of Yu-Gi-Oh! Spirit Riders, Kazuma Ryu’s younger brother and tired of living in the shadow of his elder brother, Tsukasa came into possession of a tremendous dark power. Oddly enough, this dark power possessed no true evil, but still darkened Tsukasa’s mind and resonated with and morphed his Deck, creating a symbiotic relationship that allowed Tsukasa to control the darkness. Currently, Tsukasa Ryu is a Spirit Hunter, the leader of a gang of them, and is out to find any powerful spirits he can find… except his brother’s, though. His choice of clothing was modeled after the Dark Signers of legend, though it’s only clothing; he’s not actually a Dark Signer, and thus doesn’t possess a Dark Mark.


Outfit strongly resembling that of a Dark Signer, consisting of a white shirt, a black or blue hooded cape with dark red lines, black pants with the same dark red lines, white shoes, and a black dragon mask. Later on he wears an attire similar to his older brother only dark brown in color and a white shirt.


Tsukasa is an intelligent and scarily competent individual as a result of gaining the dark power, hunting down spirits with disturbing persistence. However, the dark power did not morph his perception of his brother, and despite having grown distant, Tsukasa clearly still cares about his brother and refuses to hunt his spirits (often hitting any of his comrades that try)or their souls.


Through the dark power, Tsukasa plays a Red-Eyes Deck, which was morphed from his usual Blue-Eyes/Hieratic combination Deck. When he captures a monster spirit, he gains access to their cards. Later on he combines the cards with his Hieratic deck.


 Mother      ( deceased )
 Father      ( deceased )
 Kazuma Ryu  ( older Brother )
 Raiden      ( Older Brother )

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