Whirlwind of the Gusty gurl


Whirlwind of the Gusty gurl English Whirlwind of the Gutsy gurl
Japanese 勇敢な女の子の旋風

Arabic Unknown

Spanish Unknown

Korean Unknown
German Unknown
French Unknown
Translated Yūkan'na on'nanoko no senpū
Sttype Continuous
Attributes Trap
Serial Number Unknown

Lore of the Card

Tribute "Girl of Gust Vine" to activate this card, Negate the effects of effect monsters those are not WIND Spellcaster , WIND Beast, WIND Dragon, or WIND Plant-type monster,During Either Player's End Phase, if you control no "Gust Vine" monsters in your Graveyard, destroy this card.

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Gust Vine 「G・Vine」

List of other members

Hyunlei, Tempesto of Gust Vine,Yata-Garasu-Possessed - Gust Vine magician of Barola,Lara, Plant Tamer of Gust Vine,Dark Pitull of Gust Vine,Farachia, Princess of Gust VineTortoise of Gust Vine,Ukiki, Lady of Gust Vines,Hinata, Queen of Gust Vine,End Dragun of Gust Vine,Baby Princess or Gust Vine,Reezia, NecroMancer of Gust Vine,Emelo, Fusionist of Gust Vine,Wyvern of Gust VineGirl of Gust Vine,Gust Vine's Compolsury Evacuation Shield,Winged Beast Of Gust Vine,Yasmin, Young Princess of Gust Vine,Ryko, Hand of the Gust Vine,Scoob, Scout Fang of Gust Vine,Piaty Mistress of Gust Vine, Elemental KNIGHT Ally - Gust Vine, Breeze, Judgment Mistress of Gust Vine, Hehy, fangsword Maiden of Gust Vine, Gust Vine Magician,Yurus; The Shining Swordsman of Gust Vine

Gust Vine Fusion,Necro Salvage,Necro Fusion,Forbidden Teleportation, Gust Vine Heaven, Whirlwind of the Gusty gurl

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